Product Lifecycle Management

From idea to product information en more.

The Gartner IT Glossary describes Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) as: “a philosophy, process and discipline supported by software for product management during the phases of their life cycle, from concept to retirement.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) combines data, processes, systems and people into an end-to-end solution for the development and marketing of products. Users of PLM systems experience improvements with regards to:

  • Time-to-Market

  • Productivity in R&D

  • Use of resources

  • IP protection

  • Data Quality

  • Development Costs

  • Internal and external data sharing

  • Product Compliance

Product Lifecycle Management Food

Key factor to success in competitive market.

Food development consists out of a series of activities, each with its own data sources, processes, accountable persons and internal or external customers.

An end-to-end PLM centralizes all data and integrates all processes in a single system. Increases the agility of organizations to respond faster and better to changing market demands. Key factors are innovation speed, collaboration, data integrity, standardization, traceability, productivity and compliance. Key process:

We support companies in providing insight into the accountable persons, customers, data and processes that contribute to the Product Lifecycle. Identify bottlenecks and design solutions for the realization of an end-to-end PLM.

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Product Lifecycle Management

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