PLM Discovery Scan

Get insights in realizing an end-to-end PLM for your organization.

The Gartner IT Glossary describes Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) as a philosophy, process and discipline supported by software for product management during the phases of their life cycle, from concept to retirement. Basically, PLM combines data, processes, systems and people into an end-to-end solution for the development and marketing of products.

Goals and Activities

Discover how to benefit from the PLM advantages.

Creating a PLM based on your current systems or implementing a new PLM system will shortens the time to market, reduces costs and increases the quality of products. Take the PLM Discovery Scan and discover.

PLM shortens time to market, reduces costs and increases the quality of products.

  • Do you benefit already from the key advantages of a fully integrated PLM solution ?I
  • Is your company PLM ready ?
  • What are the missing elements ?
  • Where to improve first ?

Take the PLM Discovery Scan and find out how to benefit the PLM advantages..

With the PLM Discovery Scan you will discover the current status of your internal systems and process. It will focus on the key process of the Food Product Lifecycle. Each of those process will be reviewed on the key factors of PLM, the status and integration of data, processes, systems and people.

The outcome of the PLM Discovery Scan will give you insights in the inefficiencies, risks and opportunities of the current setup. Insights in the pain points in relation to the entire product lifecycle.  The PLM Discovery Scan is concluded with a report and presentation about the findings of the study and recommendations for improvement. Recommendations for improving current process and systems to take advantage of the benefits of an end-to-end PLM.

The PLM Discovery Scan starts by reviewing the current PLM proces in relation to the PLM IT landscape.

The PLM Discovery Scan focuses on the 8 core processes of the Product Lifecycle:

  • Project & Portfolio Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Specification Management
  • Recipe Management
  • Quality
  • Declaration & Compliance Management
  • Label en Package Management
  • Product Information & Go_to_Market

Each of those process will be reviewed on 4 main  categories:

  • Process
  • Data
  • Systems
  • People

A series of relevant indicators is investigated and assessed per category. This creates a total picture of the PLM status, insight into bottlenecks and possible improvement.

The implementation of the PLM Discovery Scan consists of 3 phases.

  1. Kick-off

The basis for performing the PLM Discovery Scan is laid during a Kick-off session. The PLM workflow is determined with the managers including review of proces owners and core processes. In a session with the IT manager, the IT landscape is determined in relation to the established core processes.

  1. Research on Core Processes

During this phase, the core processes will be investigated on the basis of the categories (people, processes, systems and data). Based on interviews with the proces owner, the status and points for improvement will be determined for each core process.

  1. Reporting and Presentation

The findings and outcome of the PLM Discovery Scan are included in a report and presented during a session with the relevant managers.

Lead time of the phases will depend on the nature and size of the organization.

Organizations that have completed the PLM Discovery Scan have insight into inefficiencies, risks and areas for improvement of the current set-up. It provides insight into all bottlenecks in relation to Product Lifecycle Management.

The organization receives a report including:

  • PLM process schedule
  • PLM IT landscape overview
  • Scorecard Core processes
  • Recommendations

The outcome of the PLM Discovery Scan can be used as a basis for drawing up a PLM roadmap and initiating new improvement projects.

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management Key Advantages.

  • Time-to-Market

  • Productivity in R&D

  • Use of resources

  • IP protection

  • Data Quality

  • Development Costs

  • Internal and external data sharing

  • Product Compliance

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