Improving Business Performance

Innovation, operational performance and quality.

Stay ahead of the change. We are IT experts with a focus on the food industry. Based on the Product Lifecycle, we support companies with issues and projects in the field of process and data management. Projects that contribute to a better innovation capacity, improved operational performance and increased quality of data and products.


PLM people, processes, systems and data.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) combines people, processes, systems and data. From the first product idea to the publication of product information to consumers and more. We offer the food industry expertise in improving and digitizing the core processes within Product Lifecycle Management.


Research, advice, selection and implementation.

Experiences in the food industry combined with up-to-date knowledge of IT technology and systems form the basis of FoodzFactor. We advise, design, select and implement systems. Provide support and capacity for projects within the food industry Product Lifecycle Management domain.

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Product Lifecycle Management

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